You cannot deny the fact that cheap, easy to wear and then toss clothes and accessories are just that, easy no-brainer purchases. However, most people don’t realize the poor working conditions and environmental detriments that fast fashion has created. There are so many reasons why buying local is better than buying cheap and we’ve complied a list of our top reasons.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons to shop local!

  1. Helps the Environment

Fast fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world; beat out only by the oil industry. When you purchase locally made products, you reduce the need for your clothes to travel long distances to get to you. If your wardrobe is locally made and sourced, your clothes do not have to be packaged, shipped and flown to you. This saves thousands in natural resources, everyday. Think about supporting the manufacturers in your own city or country who make amazing fashion products and accessories, like Heather & Hide! By buying these products locally, you are able to reduce the overall impacts of global warming, pollution and depletion of natural resources on a global level. Lastly, buying local boosts your home economy, creates jobs and helps grow the small business revolution. Producers and business owners make more money and then spend that money in the local economy, creating influx in other sectors of business without even leaving your town. Doesn’t that feel good?

  1. Ethical, Fair Trade Practices

Cheap labor in 3rd world countries is not a new practice and the fashion industry is one of the biggest culprits. 97% of our clothing items are made oversea where poor working conditions, non-existent labor laws and near zero employee protection policies are normal, everyday occurrences. Purchasing locally made products or from producer-centric brands is the only way to stop these horrible practices on a global level.

  1. Quality

Locally made apparel and accessories may be more expensive than those imported from factories in Bangladesh. However, if you’ve ever seen a Heather & Hide handbag you would know that our products are well worth the extra few bucks. Locally handmade products will last much longer and you know exactly who made it! Therefore, if you have any issues with your item down the road, it is highly likely that the maker will gladly repair or replace it for you. If you really think about it, buying cheap can actually be very expensive in the long run. If you have to replace a shirt every 5-10 washes because the material is cheap and the stitching is weak. You will go through your wardrobe much quicker and spend a ton more money than buying a few new staple items each year.

  1. Sustainability

One of the best ways in which you can support small business and local entrepreneurs is by purchasing locally made and sourced products. From foods to fashions, supporting your local business creates a sustainable local economy that increases property values and overall quality of life for your entire community. Sometimes, local designers will offer some great deals and discounts to clear their stock rooms for their next collection. If you take advantage of these promotions you will easily fill your wardrobe with beautiful, sustainable, products made in USA that do come at a very affordable cost!


Resources where you can learn more and get involved: Fashion Revolution | The True Cost | GreenPeace