If six months ago you would have told me that I would be interning for a handbag designer, blogging for them and helping out with photoshoots, I would have called you crazy.

Yet, there I was, at Union Station in downtown Denver helping out with the Heather&Hide photoshoot. To say I was (and still am) very excited is an understatement. Helping out with the photoshoot was an amazing experience for me!


I asked Lindsay the night before the shoot if I could come, and she said yes! I met up with Heather beforehand and helped pick out clutches to be photographed with specific outfits and did typical intern stuff. Once we arrived at Union Station the magic began to happen. Talented photographer Ashley Tiedgen met us there and we got right to work. The goal was to show that the bags are versatile and perfect for any occasion whether that is strolling through downtown Denver on a sunny day, enjoying cocktails, or riding a bike (or Vespa!). The photos and diverse settings at Union Station perfectly embodied how the leather bags are perfect for any occasion. The photoshoot went so well that a sale was made in the middle of a photo being taken!


A sneak peak of the photoshoot is up on Heather&Hide’s Facebook page; click here to take a look!


Like I said, this was an absolutely amazing experience for me. I am so grateful to Heather and Lindsay for the internship and for letting me help out with the photoshoot!


Written By: Kelly Droz