Denver Handmade Holiday Markets, 2016

Each year the number of holiday markets and shopping events in Denver seems to expand exponentially. As a handmade, Denver-based business we’ve participated [...]

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Realities of Running a Handmade Business

Starting a new business takes a lot of hard work, long hours, little pay, and no guarantees of success. Those of you who [...]

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5 Fair Trade, Handmade Brands Helping Women and Girls

Written By: Stephanie Barber, H&H Intern - August 3, 2016 When you walk through the handbag or jewelry section of your local department [...]

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4 Reasons to Shop Local Designers

You cannot deny the fact that cheap, easy to wear and then toss clothes and accessories are just that, easy no-brainer purchases. However, [...]

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Vendor Advice, Top 5 Handmade Markets

In 2014-15 we hit markets hard! We we’re fresh faced and eager to meet all our adoring new customers. If this is you, [...]

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