How To Clean Leather Purses

We are often asked how to clean and repair leather. Everyone who appreciates a nice leather bag, pair of shoes or even a leather couch can benefit from the tips and tricks we’ve complied in the attached Pinterest board.

There is nothing like the look and feel of leather, especially when it is a beautiful Heather & Hide purse. Handbags will last a long time if cared for properly, this means that you need to clean them correctly, otherwise those beloved handbags will be ruined! First check the manufacturer’s tag to see what they recommend, because how you clean the item will depend on if you are doing a general cleaning or fighting a stain.

To do a general cleaning of your product, you will need to have some leather conditioning/protector, this should be water-based. Grab a soft cloth, a mild liquid facial or baby soap, distilled water, a sponge and a dry towel. Mix a few drops of liquid soap and a couple cups of distilled water, wet the sponge and wring it thoroughly, leaving it slightly damp. Gently wipe the outer area of the purse, then dry and buff the handbag, lastly treat with conditioner. *There should be instructions on the conditioning product.Now, if you have a stain on your favorite handbag, then it will require some more attention. First give your item a gentle. general cleaning with the distilled water and soap solution mentioned above. Now, you will need to treat the stain next. How, depends on what kind of stain. Also, keep in mind you always want to test any cleaning solution in a non-visible spot as leather could darken when wet. Our Pinterest list contains over 25 photos, tutorials and handy ways to clean and repair any damages to your cherished leather goods. Everything from permanent maker stains to full-on tears is included! Check out natural and homemade solutions to cleaning and conditioning, even suede cleaning is covered!

I hope you enjoy our Pinterest board on how to clean and repair leather. Whatever you do, don’t ever throw away a leather item you still use or wear! Post any comments, questions or success stories below. We would love to hear from you!